Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion rate optimization is a term many individuals are not familiar with, yet it is of great importance to every business. When a consumer visits a site and takes an action desired by the website owner, this is referred to as a conversion, often, people assume to convert a person must make a purchase, yet this isn’t the case. In many cases, simply signing up for a newsletter or providing an email address is enough.

Conversion Rate Optimization Benefits

Increase Visibility
Increase visibility and sales with an optimized website
Increased Website Profits
Conversion rate improvements can lead to improvements in profits
Generate Stronger Leads
CRO increases the quality of website leads
Lowers Acquisition Costs
Lowers customer acquisition costs while focusing on conversions
Increases Customer Value
Ability to funnel site visitors towards making a purchase
More Customers
Increased conversions and more customers

Understand Your Customers

As advertising costs continue to increase, especially for keywords and phrases that are highly competitive, companies need to make the most of their advertising budget, and conversion rate optimization services help with this. The optimization focuses on obtaining customers who are searching for what is offered as opposed to any internet user, and the process works to convert visitors already on the site, helping to lower customer acquisition costs. With the money saved here, more can be spent on acquiring new customers and converting them.

Reasons For Conversion Optimization

Websites can now track what purchases are being made and offer recommendations on other items that may be of interest to the consumer. When consumers don’t have to search for a product they may want or need, they are more likely to convert. In fact, with the help of these recommendations, sites find their conversion rate increases by as much as 5.5 times the regular amount.

Website Loading Times

Website visitors fail to convert for a variety of reasons. For example, websites must load promptly or a visitor may look elsewhere for the product, service, or information they desire. reports a one second delay in website loading time leads to a seven percent decrease in conversions. When websites take longer than three seconds to load, 40 percent of visitors bounce and go elsewhere. Internet users are so accustomed to quick-loading sites that more than $500 billion is lost every year in the United States e-commerce market as a result of websites that load slowly. Fifty-one percent of shoppers in the company report they’ll abandon a purchase if the site responds too slowly. Thirty-three major retailers monitored real user activity over a period of time. They found that increasing the speed of a site from eight seconds to two seconds lead to a boost in the site’s conversion rate by 74 percent. As Statistic Brain reports, the average user now has an attention span shorter than that of a goldfish, thus every site needs to make this a priority. In fact, users continue to expect an increase in site loading speed, as the average page that took six seconds to load in 2010 witnessed a 40 percent decrease in conversions, yet by 2016 this figure increased to 50 percent.


When companies contact customers via email concerning items left in their shopping cart, the conversion rate jumps. In the second quarter of 2015, Listrak found that emails to these customers featured an open rate of 28 percent with 21 percent of these consumers converting. In addition, when a company sent an email to let a consumer know an item was back in stock during the same time period, more than half of recipients opened this email and more than 25 percent made the purchase. Every company needs to take advantage of follow up emails for great results.

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