What Is SEO

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a series of techniques used to properly optimize a website so the website appears at the top of search engine listings. When a potential customer does a search online, they’ll type in a keyword or phrase relevant to what they need. The search engine provides a list of results, usually multiple pages long, for the person to choose from. These results are chosen based on their optimization for a variety of different features including relevant information for the person visiting the site, a mobile-optimized version of the site, and the number of high-quality backlinks leading to the website.

SEO Benefits

Increased Website Traffic
SEO increases highly-qualified traffic to websites
SEO Is Cost-Effective
SEO is more cost-effective than other forms of online marketing
Increased Conversion Rates
SEO has a measurable effect on conversion ratios
Increased Sales
Optimized websites generate more sales
SEO Produces Measured Results
SEO produces measured results
More Exposure, More Revenue
SEO builds brand awareness and leads

SEO Solutions

Tampa SEO Agency provides high-quality search engine optimization services, SEO strategies, link building, and content marketing solutions to increase organic traffic to websites. Some of our SEO services include

  1. Keyword Analysis & SEO Strategy
  2. Website Architecture Optimization
  3. Content Strategy & Optimization
  4. Content Marketing Solutions
  5. Code Optimization

An SEO Company That Produces Results

Organic Traffic

Over 100 billion searches are done each month just on the website Google alone. Of the searches done on a smartphone, one in three were made right before the person visited the store and 24% of the ones done on a computer or tablet were done within a day of the person visiting the store. Yet, 21 percent of businesses wait a year or longer to update the content on their website and many don’t have an optimized website or a high-quality mobile version of their website. This can mean potential customers are simply not able to find them as easily as they might find the competitors and, therefore, visit the competitor’s store instead.

Why Does A Website Need SEO?

When a person does a search online, they rarely click through to the second page of results. In fact, in the majority of cases, they’re going to click on one of the top three links that appear. If they don’t find what they need, they’re more likely to do another search with a different keyword than sort through multiple pages. A business whose website doesn’t appear at the top of the list for keywords related to their business is going to be passed over by the majority of customers since they’ll only click on one of the top few listings. Properly optimizing a website can allow a site to boost its ranking so customers are more likely to find their business instead of a competitor.

What’s The Most Effective SEO Strategy?

Search engine optimization uses a variety of tactics, but 72% of marketers ranked content marketing as the most effective technique in 2015. High-quality content creation and added to the website regularly, at least once a week, helped to boost the ranking of a website more than the rest of the SEO strategies and techniques. Search engines rank websites based on both the amount and the quality of the content to ensure their customers find information relevant to them and put a heavy emphasis on recently posted content. By updating the content on a website frequently, the business can boost the ranking for their website relatively easily.

What About Mobile SEO?

Creating a mobile version of a website has become another big feature that search engines look for when they rank websites. Websites with a responsive, mobile version will likely rank much higher than ones without. The mobile version of the website should be easy to navigate and should include all of the information a person might need to access on their phone such as the address, phone number, and a map. With half of adult shoppers using their smartphone to do research while shopping, this is definitely something a business doesn’t want to overlook when building a website or establishing an SEO strategy.

What About PPC Advertising?

There are two types of search results, paid and organic. Paid results are when the business advertises their website through pay per click advertising highlighted at the top of search engine results. Although PPC advertising can be an effective way to reach customers, it can also be expensive. Instead, SEO focuses on techniques to raise the natural results, which aren’t paid for. This can be far more cost-effective, even when they work with a professional since they don’t need to pay to have the website listed for each relevant keyword.

Why Tampa SEO Agency?

Tampa SEO Agency is an experienced marketing company that specializes in generating leads for businesses with services including web design, content creation, marketing, and search engine optimization to help boost your website’s ranking. Our SEO company provides high-quality online marketing services that generate brand awareness.


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What Can SEO Do For You?

Ready to learn how your brand can grow with online marketing tools and internet marketing services from Tampa SEO Agency? Our SEO company and digital marketing agency provide business solutions including SEO services, web design, and social media marketing services to increase your brand’s exposure. Contact us for a search engine optimization consultation today.

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