Five Reasons Why Your Business Should Invest In SEO

Why is SEO important? Article by Tampa SEO Agency - SEO Tampa Florida

You may have a great looking website but it’s of no use if the search engines can’t see it or your target audience can’t find it. Although the search engines have become much more sophisticated than what they used to be, they can’t understand or see a web page like humans. This is where SEO or search engine optimization comes into the picture.

With increasing competition on the Internet, every company is looking to maximize its online presence and rank higher in the search engines. As a result, implementing the right SEO strategies have become more important than ever. It is essential for the webmaster to identify the true potential of SEO and utilize it correctly for maximum benefits.

SEO Raises Your Brand’s Visibility

According to a study by Advanced Web Rankings, about 67% of all clicks on SERPs (search engine results pages) go to the top five results. Research shows that websites on the first page of search engine results get about 95% of the web traffic.

When you rank on the first page of major search engines for keywords related to your business, more people will find your business and chances are they will click through your website.

SEO Drives More Traffic To Your Business

Traffic alone is not going to sell your products or services. True. But, when more people see you and get to know what you have to offer, chances are real customers will start pouring in very soon. In a highly competitive marketplace, your brand must be seen as much as possible so that potential customers remember you and come straight to you when they need to buy.

Most people who visit your site are important leads because they were probably looking for a related business and they found you. So, they already have an interest in your products or services. With a hard-to-resist offer on your landing page, you may convert many of those casual visitors into real customers.

SEO Provides Credibility To Your Brand

Web users have also become smarter and they try different search terms to find what they are looking for. When your website repeatedly ranks higher, they take a mental note of it, sometimes even without realizing that they do.

In the searcher’s mind, Google considers your brand as credible and that’s why you rank high. This has an incredible influence on your target audience and gives them the confidence to do business with you.

SEO Gives Insight Into Customer Behavior

With SEO, your website gets a lot of traffic and Google Analytics tool tracks this traffic to give you valuable insight into customer behavior. The metrics and data tell what search terms the visitors use to get to your website, which web pages they visit on your website, which country they belong to, what technologies they use, the days you get the most traffic, etc.

This data is extremely important as it helps you to make a more informed decision when devising online and offline SEO strategies for your business.

SEO Brings The Best ROI In Advertising

SEO rewards your marketing efforts much more than other forms of offline and online advertising. This is simply because SEO is an inbound marketing strategy that allows you to promote your business to people who are already looking for you.

Unlike other forms of advertising, with SEO you are not interrupting their favorite TV show in between or taking up space in the newspaper. Half the battle is already won and you just need to offer a good deal to make your products sell like hotcakes.

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